The Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer is a new role which has been developed to accelerate the delivery of West Dunbartonshire HSCP's Local Carers' Strategy.  The role has been created to provide a focused approach to prioritising and championing the role of unpaid carers and to ensure that their needs are integrated across all HSCP teams in line with the existing and emerging national approach.  With the Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer in post their aim and purpose is to play a key role in implementing the local action plan. 

The complex nature of the unpaid caring role can be challenging and affect anyone at any time. In their role as the Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer, they understands that they need to build lasting relationships with key partners. As such working closely with Carers of West Dunbartonshire and Y Sort-IT on the Carers Development Group and other projects.

Working alongside the HSCP’s partners,  the Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer is currently focused on raising awareness of the needs of unpaid carers. As part of this collaborative effort, a volunteer carer's representative has been sought to serve as a non-voting member of the Integration Joint Board. The volunteer will aid in providing carer's voices to influencing local planning, commissioning, and procurement of services.

The Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer, act’s as the intermediary between the HSCP's teams and key partners. Being a member of the Carers Development Group (CDG), and provides ongoing support for the development and effective operation of the new Local Carers Strategy. The primary goal is to collaboratively improve support and services for adult and young unpaid carers in West Dunbartonshire.

The Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer continues to serve as West Dunbartonshire’s representative on the national Scottish Government Carers Leads Forum and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board Corporate Carers Group. Where they work to realise improvements that can be implemented in West Dunbartonshire for unpaid carer’s.

If you have any questions for the Unpaid Carer Liaison Officer or are looking for advice on a connected issue to any subject raised you can contact them by emailing