What Matters to You 2023

As part of what matters to you (WMTY) Day 2023 on June 6th, West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is sharing what it has found matters to a range of stakeholders and, as a consequence, what the HSCP is doing about these things.

Asking what matters to people is important but it’s only useful if the response is listened to and, wherever possible, actioned.  At West Dunbartonshire HSCP we’re keen to ask what matters, listen to what matters and then do what matters.  This is reflected in the way our staff undertake their day-to-day work in their assessments of people who may require support and their carers.  In the My Life Assessment (MLA – more information available: here) our staff consider 6 life areas of people who may require support and, in each area, the first thing they enquire about is what matters to the person.  In the Adult Carer Assessment and Support Plan (ACASP – more information available: here) our staff and our partners at Carers of West Dunbartonshire, ask what matters to carers about their caring role and what matters to them about their life alongside caring.  Individually, these responses go on to inform plans and actions – what we can do together to help achieve outcomes that matter to people. 

The HSCP knows that its staff are critical to everything and anything the HSCP does.  It’s important that, wherever possible, the HSCP looks after its staff and encourages them to look after themselves; we are much better able to help people look after their health and wellbeing if we look after our own health and wellbeing.  To that end, the HSCP, along with partners in West Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, have made various supports available to staff and, in some instances, have tailored specific courses and sessions to what staff told us mattered to them.  Ahead of WMTY Day 2023, the HSCP took the opportunity to ask staff what matters to them.  This will help the HSCP better understand its staff and what the HSCP can do to support staff health and wellbeing.    

What matters to people should be considered in our one-to-one interactions to help inform individual outcomes but these conversations should also inform ‘the bigger picture’.  For the HSCP, this bigger picture takes the form of its strategic plan.  At the time of writing, the plan was being prepared for publication but a draft can be found as Item 6 here.  During consultation on the plan, the HSCP asked what mattered to people about health and social care services and ensured this was reflected in the plan.  The plan was then shared with many people and groups and are happy to be able to share how the HSCP has responded to this feedback on what mattered to stakeholders about the HSCP strategic plan.

While WMTY Day 2023 is an opportunity to emphasise the importance of asking a simple question, West Dunbartonshire HSCP – while recognising there’s always room to improve – is proud of asking, listening and acting on what matters throughout its business on a daily basis and, as a consequence, is able and happy to share what matters to people who use our services, what matters to carers, what matters to staff and what matters regarding our HSCP Strategic Plan. 

What Matters to you Strategic Plan Engagement

What Matters to staff

What Matters to Unpaid Carers 

What Matters to people using services

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