I am a child

If you are worried about things which are happening to you or to someone you know, here is some information which might help you.

It is really important that you tell a grown up you trust about the things you are worried about. This could be your parent or someone else in your family; you could also speak to your teacher or any grown up who you feel you can trust.

You might feel worried or scared about telling a grown up what is happening; telling a trusted grown up what is happening will help them to make sure that you are safe.

We have written down the answers to some questions which you might want to ask.

1. What is child abuse?

Child abuse happens when children are hurt or put in danger by the people who are looking after them, but this can also be caused by other adults or strangers. Some children can also be hurt by older children.

Children may be hurt in a number of ways, for example;

  • Not being kept safe by the people who look after you.
  • Being hit or beaten.
  • Being very frightened - maybe someone has threatened to hurt you or someone you love. Maybe you have seen bad things happening to your family or friends.
  • Living with violence at home.
  • Being bullied, in person or over the internet or mobile phone. 
  • Not getting enough to eat.
  • Not having warm enough clothes.
  • Living with someone who often gets drunk or who uses drugs.
  • Being made to watch 'Adult Only' films, or being touched in ways that make you feel embarrassed or frightened.

Do you feel?


2.    Are you or someone you know being harmed or feel unsafe?

If the answer is yes, it is important that you tell a grown up you trust about what is happening.

Talk to a trusted adult - this might be:

  • a teacher at your school,  
  • the school nurse,  
  • a children's support worker,  
  • social worker,  
  • police officer or youth worker,
  • It could also be a relative, a neighbour or someone who runs a local children's club e.g. Guides/Scouts, etc.

If i tell someone?


3.     What will happen if I tell someone?

If you tell a grown up that you trust what is happening, they will listen to you and might decide that they need to talk to another grown up who is able to help.  Some children might be frightened about telling a grown up what is happening, but it is important that children feel safe and that grown-ups make sure that they are protected.