It is everyone's business to help protect children who may be at risk.

If you know someone who you believe is being harmed or at risk of harm please tell us so that we can help them to protect themselves.

If you believe that someone is in urgent need of help to keep them safe please contact the Police on 101 or 999.

Clydebank/Dumbarton area 0141 562 8800

Out of Hours you can contact Tel: 0300 343 1505

Glasgow and Partners Social Work Emergency Service

Members of the public will find information here if they wish to know more about how we protect children and young people in West Dunbartonshire.

We recognise that it is not always easy to contact services to report a concern; members of the public should be assured that any referral or information regarding the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person will be listened to very carefully and taken very seriously.

Contact details and telephone numbers regarding who to contact if you are worried about a child or young person’s safety or wellbeing, are at the top of this page.

Contact Details

Duty Senior Social Worker - Clydebank

Health and Social Care Partnership
Aurora House
Aurora Avenue
Queens Quay
G81 1BF
0141 562 8800

Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Service

0300 343 1505

Scotland's Children's Reporters Administration

0131 244 8540

Information for Children and Families about the Children's Hearing System in Scotland


0800 1111

Parenting and Family Support (family lives)

08000 28 22 33

National Child Protection Line

0800 022 3222