West Dunbartonshire Child Protection Committee is made up of senior officers from a range of different agencies, services and organisations. These include:

The Child Protection Committee ensures that agencies, services and organisations work together to protect children and provide support to parents, carers, children and young people. Our collective vision statement, with its associated values and aims has been agreed by all of the services, agencies and organisations represented on the Child Protection Committee, and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that children and young people are respected, listened to and protected from harm.

Vision, Values and Aims

“Child Protection is Everyone’s Responsibility"


Child Protection is everyone's responsibility (It's Everyone's Job to Make Sure I'm Alright", Scottish Executive, 2002)

 In West Dunbartonshire the drivers for this are the Child Care Teams who make assessments of risk and offer follow up support.  They, in partnership with other agencies, provide a service to the Children's Hearing System.

Services are also provided to "looked after" children and their families, and where possible , preventative services and crisis support is offered in addition.