Health and Safety – This includes carrying out a risk assessment at your home. We need to check that everything is safe at your home for you, your friends and relatives, and your home carer.

If you have been assessed as requiring equipment, such as a hoist, and you (or a representative), decline the use of this equipment, we will reserve the right to restrict the provision of your care. This is to protect you and the home carer from injury, strain or harm. 

If you have an accident, or you are involved in an incident whilst being supported by your home carer, we have to record this and report it to the appropriate authorities.

Identity badges – All home carers are provided with an identity badge and when they visit your home they should show you their badge and introduce themselves (if it is the first time in your home, they should tell you who they are and why they are there).

Entry to your home – If you are unable to provide entry to your home safely, we can arrange for a key safe to be installed at your home.  The key safe holds a set of your house keys (which you will provide) and can only be opened with a combination code.  Your home carer will have access to that code to enable them to access your home, however, they should still announce their arrival as they enter your home so as not to place you in a state of alarm.  Home Carers should never divulge any keysafe code to anyone else.  If you are able to provide entry safely, the key safe can still be installed as an emergency measure to gain access to your home should it be required.

Medication – As part of your assessment we will review how you manage your medication.  If you require assistance, your home carer can support you with this task (based on your medication assessment and within our policy).

Money – Any tasks that involves money, needs to be discussed with your Care at Home Organiser and will be included in your care and support plan.  Your home carer will record all transactions and provide you with a receipt (where possible) and ask you to sign a document (found at the back of your care diary) to confirm you agree with the transaction.

Home Carers cannot withdraw cash on your behalf using your bank, debit or credit card.  You should never divulge your PIN number(s) to a home carer.  Home carers are not permitted to hold any of your money in their own home overnight or enter into any financial arrangement with you other than that specified in your Care and Support Plan.

Payments and gifts – Home Carers are not allowed to accept any payment or gifts so please do not offer them any.  Your home carer cannot act as an executor or benefit in any way from your will.

Protective clothing – All home carers have protective clothing.  They will wear it to protect themselves and you from infection when they are working in your home.  They are also trained in the correct disposal of protective equipment.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs – Your home carer will not smoke or be under the influence of alcohol/drugs or any other illegal substances when they are on duty.

We would ask that you do not smoke whilst the home carers are present in your home and if possible, for at least an hour prior to their visit.  If you are not willing to comply with this there may be changes made to your service.