Children and their families may need support, advice or guidance for a number of reasons, and that this support may on occasion be required in a crisis. 

Working with children and their families who may be experiencing difficulties with loss, separation or behavioural problems, or who may be affected by substance misuse domestic violence and/or mental health problems.

Families and children can refer themselves by contacting the Duty Social Worker.   Any member of the public can refer a child to our service.

Children and Families Teams assess need and risk in relation to children up to the age of 12 years and provide packages of support.

A Special Needs In Pregnancy Service (SNIPS) in partnership with our Health colleagues provides support to women who may have a difficulty with substance misuse, poor mental health or who have had significant problems in parenting of previous children.


Contact Details

Glasgow and Partners Emergency Social Work Service

0300 343 1505

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 8.45am-4.45pm

Friday: 8.45am-3.55pm