The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 states that each local authority area within Scotland must have a dedicated committee who are responsible for ensuring that local authority councils, the police, NHS and other key agencies such as the Care Inspectorate, work together effectively to protect adults at risk of harm.

West Dunbartonshire Adult Protection Committee was established in December 2008 and is led by an Independent Convenor, who represents all agencies within the committee.

The committee meet on a quarterly basis and discuss, plan and evaluate all of the Adult Protection work that has been undertaken within West Dunbartonshire.

The Governance arrangements and current membership of the committee are set out in the document below.

Adult Protection Committee Governance Arrangements

Biennial Report

Scottish Government specifies that each Adult Protection Committee completes a Biennial Report giving an overview of the work completed over the last two years and issues to be addressed before the next report is due. The Biennial Report and previous reports produced by West Dunbartonshire Adult Protection Committee can be found below.

2018 -2020 WDAPC Biennial Report 

2014-2016 WDAPC Biennial Report

2012-2014 WDAPC Biennial Report

2010-2012 WDAPC Biennial Report

Minutes from Committee meetings

At each committee meeting, a formal record and action plan is completed and agreed by all members.