Definitions and language around child sexual exploitation are contested.  In Scotland the current definition of child sexual exploitation is:

Any involvement of a child or young person below 18 in sexual activity for which remuneration of cash or in kind is given to the young person or a third person or persons. The perpetrator will have power over the child by virtue of one or more of the following – age, emotional maturity, gender, physical strength, intellect and economic and other resources e.g. access to drugs.” (Scottish Executive, 2003)

Children and young people who are the victims of sexual exploitation often do not recognise that they are being exploited. It is therefore essential that those working with children and young people are able to recognise the signs and provide an appropriate response or intervention. Child Sexual Exploitation poses a risk to all of our children and young people we want to stop any instance of Child Sexual Exploitation happening in the first place.

Child Sexual Exploitation Parental Awareness video

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep children safe. If you have a concern, passing on information is the right thing to do.  It is not interfering or being nosey, and all concerns will be followed up sensitively and with discretion.   

Child Sexual Exploitation Snapchat story – Bad Romance 

Following on from the national awareness raising campaign on CSE launched in January, the Scottish Government, in consultation with the National CSE Working Group and Young Scot developed and filmed a short story “Bad Romance”, that was shown over the Young Scot social media snapchat channel on 28 and 29 June.

“Bad Romance” was specifically aimed at young people (11-17 years old), and carried messages from the original awareness raising campaign.

In keeping with the nature of snapchat, the material was filmed and uploaded live via a number of 10-second episodes, with each episode disappearing from the channel after 24 hours.  All of the episodes have now been uploded to youtube, and is available for viewing at the link below.

Child Sexual Exploitation Snapchat story – Bad Romance