“On average, two people die from suicide in Scotland every day”

The locally delivered, Scottish Government Choose Life Programme provides advice, information, guidance through training to staff, carers and third sector services.  Programmes are designed to help them support those who are having thoughts of suicide or are self-harming. It offers advice on appropriate responses and interventions as well as signposting on to specific services.

Last year over 200 individuals from a range of both community and statutory services received training through the local West Dunbartonshire Choose Life Programme.

WDHSCP offers a range of suicide prevention  and mental health improvement training that covers awareness and skills to recognise and intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. The various courses are delivered across a range of locations and dates; courses can vary in length of time from 3 hours to two days.

The Choose Life training programme includes:

  • STORM (Skills based Training on Risk Management)
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • SafeTALK (SAFE: Suicide Awareness For Everyone)

Mental Health Improvement Courses delivered:

SMHFA (Scotland's Mental Health First Aid)

SMHFA: YP (Scotland's Mental Health First Aid: Young People)

For further information relating to these training courses please e-mail or telephone 01389 776990


If you are feeling suicidal, or are worried that someone close to you is at risk, phone one of the following helplines listed on the right.