The Parenting Calendars which you can access from the link to the right of this page, provides information on some parenting sessions within West Dunbartonshire and outlines the available opportunities for Popp/Incredible Years (open to parents/carers of children 3-6yrs old) and opportunities for parents/carers who would like guidance/advice on Handling Teenage Behaviour. These are excellent, relaxing and fun sessions that are free to access and will help you learn more about child development as well as a variety of ways to build good relationships with your child or teenager.

These Calendars are updated on a regular basis with more detail so please visit regularly.

If you are interested a professional referring a parent or carer for these services you should complete the Request to Parenting Co-ordinator Form(click here). The professional can be a teacher, Social Worker or Health Visitor or any other service involved in providing support to parents/carers and children.

Your Request to Parenting Co-ordinator Form should be sent either electronically by email as an attachment or by post to the address stated on the form.

Alternatively anyone can phone 01389 828242 for more information or for information on other parenting/carer opportunities that may be available.